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Relief II - Drift

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Relief Journal issue 2 theme is Drift, a modern take on the dérive, a term popularised by Guy Debord and adopted by the Situationists to describe a way to experience the urban through unplanned drifts. Contributors were asked to consider; where is the city? How does one become public? Works and writing comment on the mediation of the screen in the experience of getting lost and finding oneself elsewhere.

Contributors: Victor Burgin | Olivier Catel | Simon Faithfull | Owen Hatherely | Jack Lavender | Josephine Meckseper | Arjuna Neuman | Tamarin Norwood | Jane Rendell | George Vasey

Edited by Nicholas Smith

PUR bound black and white litho on uncoated paper with a full colour litho photographic essay on coated matt paper. 116pp printed and bound in Europe

ISSN 2053-2458