Relief II - Drift

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Relief Journal issue 2 theme is Drift, a modern take on the dérive, a term popularised by Guy Debord and adopted by the Situationists to describe a way to experience the urban through unplanned drifts. Contributors were asked to consider how these ideas are translated in the digital age. Works and writing comment on the use of the screen in the experience of getting lost and finding oneself elsewhere.

Contributors: Victor Burgin | Olivier Catel | Simon Faithfull | Owen Hatherely | Jack Lavender | Josephine Meckseper | Arjuna Neuman | Tamarin Norwood | Jane Rendell | George Vasey

Edited by Nicholas Smith

PUR bound black and white litho on uncoated paper with a full colour litho photographic essay on coated matt paper. 116pp printed and bound in Europe

ISSN 2053-2458