Jolanta Dolewska: Without Apparatus


'Without Apparatus' grew out of a forced encounter with the judicial system in Scotland, Jolanta Dolewska has created a body of black and white photographs that render the surfaces, boundaries and landscape of the Sheriff Courts through the depths of large format photography. The publication provides a space for these images to sit alongside and be in conversation with two texts, the first a redacted transcript from a court case and the second a text by Prof. Johnny Rodger who's research is engaged in how the courthouses are changing to adapt to new realities and situations within Scottish society.

'Without Apparatus' is situated from the perspective of the inside of a system, that is loaded with the psychology of power and architectures that are on the threshold of great change. With many of these regional Sheriff Courts closing and cases being processed in main towns and cities, the publications documents this and starts a conversation about this moment.

The publication accompanied a solo exhibition that is at Glasgow School of Art between 11th - 19th November 2022.